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Maven's Quant Quest has ended.

What can you win?

Job Offers

Showcase your talent to Top Trading Houses and get recruited.

Cash prizes

Over $1000 in prizes for submissions that top the leaderboard.

Guaranteed Investements

See your solution traded live and earn an exclusive share in profits.

Take Aways

Exposure to Trading

Learn how data science skills can solve real world trading challenges.

Data Science Skills

Try your hand at latest tools and techniques in Data Science.

Python Toolbox

Develop and backtest solutions with minimal coding using our free toolbox.

Automated Backtesting

Your solutions are auto-evaluated in real-time on our servers.

Real-World Data Sets

Access to financial datasets using Auquan's toolbox.


Active chat forum and live support to help with code problems and discuss ideas..

How does it work?

Build a Model

Translate your ideas using any method you like into predictve models.

Make a Submission

Upload your submission file for real-time backtesting and evaluation.

Get on the Leaderboard

Improve on your solution to get a spot on the leaderboard.

What do previous Winners say?

Nishant Rai

Software Engineer at Rubrik, Inc.

IIT Kanpur, QuantQuest Rank 1

Michael Axiak

Engineering Group Lead at Hubspot

MIT, QuantQuest3 Rank 1

Keshav Sehgal

Investment Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs

IIM Calcutta, QuantQuest Rank 3


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